Dinosaurs: A Blast From The Past

Dinosaurs are some of the greatest creatures that have ever roamed the surface of this Earth. Some of them standing at heights of over 80 feet, were large species that were diverse in nature. Some flew across the sky with their wings so large that it made a sunny day seem cold and dark. TheContinue reading “Dinosaurs: A Blast From The Past”

Pigeons: The Birds Of The City

It has been a cold few days here in Philidelphia, but one of the locals never seem to think so. The Pigeon can be seen in all major cities around the United States. As they walk around, fearless of anything or anyone, they scavenge for anything to eat. They will find a hotdog that fellContinue reading “Pigeons: The Birds Of The City”

Happy New Year: Tell Us Your Resolution

We are wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. Comment below on what your new year’s resolution will be. For My Biology Experience, it is to improve functions of the website as well as improve podcast performance. Can’t wait to hear yours!