Integumentary Accessory Structures: Nails

Within the integumentary system, four main accessory structures aid in thermoregulation, sense of touch, protection, and much more. These four main accessory structures are: Hair Follicles Nails Sebaceous Glands Sweat Glands The nails can be found on the tips of your toes and fingers. The main function of these structures is to protect these areasContinue reading “Integumentary Accessory Structures: Nails”

Subcutaneous Layer

The first layer below the cutaneous membrane is called the subcutaneous layer. It is also known as the hypodermis and superficial fascia. Although this layer helps stabilize the integumentary system and shares some characteristics, it is not technically a part of the integumentary system. Within the subcutaneous layer, you can find major blood vessels, adiposeContinue reading “Subcutaneous Layer”

The Epidermis

Epidermis Cell Types The epidermis is the most superficial layer of the cutaneous membrane. It is composed of stratified squamous epithelium and consists of four types of cells: Keratinocytes Melanocytes Merkel Cells Langerhans Cells Keratinocytes are the most abundant and prominent cell type in the epidermis layer. It produces a protein called keratin that helpsContinue reading “The Epidermis”