Wheat: Simple Yet Important

If you drive through the open fields of Montana, there are two things you will see for most of your time. The first is the bright blue sky and the second are the acres of wheat being grown. Wheat is a type of grass that is grown to collect its seeds. These seeds are thenContinue reading “Wheat: Simple Yet Important”

Camels: More Advanced Than You Think!

The Camel is notorious for being able to survive in some of the driest and most hostile conditions known around the globe. Camels did not originate in the deserts of Africa like most people believe, however. These animals are closely related to horses and crossed from the Americas into Eurasia via the Bering straight overContinue reading “Camels: More Advanced Than You Think!”

Mushrooms: What Are They?

Mushrooms are not what many people think they are. Most people believe that the mushroom is a fungus that grows out of the ground. In some way this statement is correct but, the mushroom is just the reproductive organ of the fungus. The actual species of fungus is located underground. They use their long andContinue reading “Mushrooms: What Are They?”