#25 Preparing To Apply To Graduate School

Preparing to apply to graduate school is a whole thing in itself. You need to take exams, fill out applications, attend interviews, and do many other things. It is the beginning of my junior year of undergraduate school and at the end of my spring semester I will be filling out my applications for graduateContinue reading “#25 Preparing To Apply To Graduate School”

#21 Getting An EMT License

Watching action shows where heroic men and women come rushing in blaring ambulances to save the lives of serious trauma and disease was something I grew up watching in numerous Hollywood productions. Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to be that person in real life until It was my senior yearContinue reading “#21 Getting An EMT License”

#4 My High school Experience With Biology

At an early age, I grew an interest in all things science. The first time I remember being excited about a science topic was in 3rd grade when we learned about volumes of liquids and masses of objects. Though it is an extremely simple topic, my mind was so fascinated with how two objects canContinue reading “#4 My High school Experience With Biology”