H.A. 101: Membranes

Membranes are a vital component in protecting the body from its surrounding environment. In the human body, membranes are composed of Epithelial and Connective tissue. Each one of these membranes will consist of a sheet of epithelial cells and an underlying connective tissue layer. Membranes can be divided into four main categories: Mucous Membranes SerousContinue reading “H.A. 101: Membranes”

H.A. 101: Epithelial Tissue

Introduction The foundation of Human life can be categorized into numerous groups, each larger than the last. First, we identify atoms that make molecules. Things such as Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen are critical atoms that create the foundation of molecules. Molecules are combinations of atoms that result in the creation and foundation of cells, theContinue reading “H.A. 101: Epithelial Tissue”