Eyes: How Do We See?

Most animals you can think of have eyes that help them process their environment. Eyes are one of the major senses of animals and without them, it is imminent that they will die in the wild. So, how does the eye work? First, it is important to understand the anatomy of an eye. The lightContinue reading “Eyes: How Do We See?”

The Femur: Stronger Than You Think

The femur is the bone the largest bone in your body and also one of the strongest bones. It is a vital support system for your entire body and bears the majority of weight and pressure. It is the only bone in the upper portion of your leg and is covered by mostly muscle. BeingContinue reading “The Femur: Stronger Than You Think”

Blood Pressure: What Is It?

Anytime you head into the doctor’s office you get your blood pressure taken. It is a very normal practice, but do you know what the two numbers mean? Blood pressure is represented by two numbers, the systolic and diastolic pressures. The systolic pressure is the first of the two numbers or the number depicted onContinue reading “Blood Pressure: What Is It?”