Yaks: The Himalayan Cow

The domesticated Yak or the Tartary ox is a type of cattle found in the Himalayas. This long-haired animal looks extremely similar to a buffalo but is found halfway across the world. The Yak is a domesticated mammal that is thought to have originated in Tibet but, is found in areas of Asia that haveContinue reading “Yaks: The Himalayan Cow”

Red Panda: Are They Pandas?

The Red Panda may be the only thing cuter than a regular Panda. These tiny mammals are a mixture between a raccoon, a fox, and a panda. Though they look like Raccoons and Foxes, you will not find them running through your streets and sifting through your garbage. These pandas are found climbing through theContinue reading “Red Panda: Are They Pandas?”