Muscles of The Quadricep

The Quadricep muscles are located on the anterior portion of your thigh. Combined, their function is to flex the hip and extend the leg at the knee joint. The reason it is called the Quadricep is that it is made of four major muscles (Quad-). These muscles include the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis,Continue reading “Muscles of The Quadricep”

#41 Update On My Semester

It is currently halfway through the Spring semester of my junior year. It is crazy to think that three years ago I was a senior in high school preparing for college. It is true what they say, time will fly so enjoy every moment. This semester I am taking four classes and two labs. MyContinue reading “#41 Update On My Semester”

Anatomy Of The Hand

The hand is a complex of multiple bones of your palms and fingers. The bones in your palm are also called carpal bones. There are eight carpal bones, each with its own shape, function, and location. Within the carpal bones you have eight bones: Scaphoid– this bone is located in your wrist, closest to yourContinue reading “Anatomy Of The Hand”