Stick Insects: Insects In Disguise

Stick insects, otherwise known as Phasmatodea, are not a singular type of species. The term stick bugs and stick insects is a common name for the order Phasmatodea. This order is described as having the appearance of natural shrubbery and contains more than 3,000 species. Some of their unique characteristics include the ability to regenerateContinue reading “Stick Insects: Insects In Disguise”

Bumblebees: Understanding The Swarm

There are over 250 different species of bumblebees in the world, each with its own unique characteristics. These insects are usually around 2 cm in length and black with yellow or orange bands. The bumblebee genus is considered to be a social genus. This means that they live in communities, typically in a nest withContinue reading “Bumblebees: Understanding The Swarm”

Praying Mantis: Ninjas Of The Wild

The Praying Mantis is a rare and endangered species typically found in tropical or subtropical regions. However, some can be found in grasslands, deserts, and meadowlands. Based on where this organism lives they can have a different color, body shape, and much more. Within this group of organisms, there are about 2,400 different types ofContinue reading “Praying Mantis: Ninjas Of The Wild”