The Structure Of Bone

When thinking of living tissue in the human body bone is not the first to come to mind. Bone is often forgotten about and placed in an area of stagnant minerals and fibers. This is highly untrue, however. Bone is the primary tissue of the skeletal system and even has its own classification within supportiveContinue reading “The Structure Of Bone”

Stingrays: The Planes Of The Sea

The stingray is no doubt one of the most fascinating creatures you can find in the ocean. Their rubbery skin, long wing-like structure, and massive tail are very unique to their species. The Stingray is a cartilaginous fish that is closely related to sharks. The life span of these fish is currently unknown in theContinue reading “Stingrays: The Planes Of The Sea”

The Heart: The Best Pump Ever!

To stay alive there are a few things that need to occur. One of these things is the transport of nutrients and gases to the cells around your body. If cells were to never receive the required nutrients they would not function properly and die. To make sure that your cells receive the nutrients andContinue reading “The Heart: The Best Pump Ever!”