Proboscis Monkey: Does Size Matter?

The Proboscis monkey is a primate found on the southeastern Asian island of Borneo. Also known as the long-nosed monkey due to its abnormally oversized nose it is easily recognized. Along with its long nose, it is covered in multi-colored fur. Its hair is reddish-brown near the head and neck, light-brown around the body andContinue reading “Proboscis Monkey: Does Size Matter?”

The Chimpanzee: Humans Closest Relatives

The Chimpanzee sometimes referred to as a Chimp, is a primate native to tropical Africa. The Chimp is a species of the great apes and there are only four identifiable species in the world, with a fifth one being proposed. These creatures are often held in captivity in zoos or studies. When held in captivityContinue reading “The Chimpanzee: Humans Closest Relatives”