The Moose or sometimes known as Elk is the largest extant group of the Deer family. Weighing up to 1,500 pounds or 680 Kg and reaching heights of up to 7-8 feet these giants of the forest are extremely intimidating. With their huge antlers spanning widths of 6 feet wide and running up to 35Continue reading “Moose”


Penguins are one of the most loved animals in the world. Their small features and funny personality make them loved by many. Penguins are actually a group of birds as some people might know. Their wings/arms were an exaptation from avian birds in their ancestry. Their wings slowly evolved from being used for flight toContinue reading “Penguins”


The anteater is a vacuum of nature. Their long mouths with no teeth hover over the ground swallowing all ants and small insects in their path. This animal has adapted to be a black hole to small organisms on the ground of central and South America. Their tongues are extremely long, reaching lengths of overContinue reading “Anteater”