#41 Update On My Semester

It is currently halfway through the Spring semester of my junior year. It is crazy to think that three years ago I was a senior in high school preparing for college. It is true what they say, time will fly so enjoy every moment. This semester I am taking four classes and two labs. MyContinue reading “#41 Update On My Semester”

Koi Fish: Culture Meets Biology

The Koi fish is known for being a symbol of strength, courage, and patience. Known for swimming against the current, the Koi fish symbolizes what it takes to overcome obstacles and challenges that are in your path. Koi fish were believed to originate from rice farmers domesticating carp in China during the 4th century. TheContinue reading “Koi Fish: Culture Meets Biology”

Epithelial Cells: What Are They?

On the surface of your entire body, there is a special type of cell that is meant to protect you from mechanical, chemical, and pathological harm. These cells are called epithelial cells and there are many types. The three main shapes that an epithelial cell can be are squamous, cuboidal, and columnar. Squamous cells areContinue reading “Epithelial Cells: What Are They?”