Coral: Is It Really Alive??

Coral is one of the most amazing and beautiful creatures in the ocean. They litter the rocks and floors of the ocean with color and protection for other animals. At first glance, you may think that coral is a type of plant. In some way, you would be right. But, there is a huge differenceContinue reading “Coral: Is It Really Alive??”

Toucan: What Is With The Beaks?

The Toucan is one of the most interesting and beautiful creatures to look at, with its long colorful beak and seemingly undersized body. This creature can be found in south and central America in tropical rainforests. They are located in the canopy layer of the rainforest, which is the second-highest layer. In this layer, youContinue reading “Toucan: What Is With The Beaks?”

#33 Cooking Up An Honors Project

One of the many attractions of the honors program at Arcadia is the diversity and uniqueness of the classes. Classes such as TEDx Arcadia aim to create a learning experience that is interactive and inspires creativity and leadership. TEDx Arcadia is a class solely dedicated to creating and performing a TEDx event here on campus!Continue reading “#33 Cooking Up An Honors Project”