Bamboo: How Fast Does It Grow

Bamboo is a are a diverse group of evergreen perennial flowering plants typically native to tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. It is most commonly found in Asia and Southern America but, is also found in Australia, Africa, and North America. So, what is an evergreen perennial plant? This category of plants describes ones that live for more than one growing season. Plants such as conifers (Pine trees) also fall into this category. These plants are often used in gardens to add beauty during seasons that many flowers or plants are not growing.

One of the most common and talked about characteristics of Bamboo is its ability to grow at extremely fast rates. Bamboo, on average, grows at a rate of about .03 (0.09 feet) meters per hour or 0.72 meters (2.3 feet) per day! There are a few reasons why Bamboo can grow so fast. The first is that Bamboo creates the cells they need to grow when they are a bud. This means that they don’t need to waste time waiting for cells to divide, instead, they have a stockpile of cells ready to be used at any given moment. The other reason they grow so fast is that their growth does not increase the diameter of the plant. Instead, the cells grow only vertically. This allows the growth to be focused in a single direction and not spent on growing horizontally.

Why does Bamboo do this though? This growth style is vital to the survival of Bamboo. Since Bamboo usually grows in dense and dark areas it is not able to create food via photosynthesis if it is low to the floor. Over thousands of years of adaptation, the Bamboo has made itself the fastest growing plant on Earth.

Wheat: Simple Yet Important

If you drive through the open fields of Montana, there are two things you will see for most of your time. The first is the bright blue sky and the second are the acres of wheat being grown. Wheat is a type of grass that is grown to collect its seeds. These seeds are then crushed down into a powder to be used mostly for flower. Wheat is not just one species, however. Wheat is grown throughout the world and there are 20 types of wheat grown from 7 different species. Each one of these species has grown to have different textures and components of its seeds. Some wheat is for bread like the common wheat plant.

Wheat is also one of the oldest cultivated grow known to man-kind. It was first discovered and farmed around 7500 BC because of its ability to grow in diverse climates as well as its production of food. An acre of land can feed 9,000 people for a single day. Wheat may be a simple and boring plant but, it is the foundation of crops and our knowledge of agriculture.