Reindeer: How They Power The Sleigh!

On this magical night of Christmas Eve, Santa will flight to every continent, country, and house to deliver presents to the kids on the good list. The question that everyone asks is, how? How does old St. Nick get to every house in one singular night? This is a question that not even some of the smartest scientists can believe. Santa can do this because of his magical Reindeer. Magical Reindeer look exactly like normal ones you might find in the wild. They have antlers, light-colored fur, and even a light red nose, just like Rudolph!

So, what makes a magical Reindeer magical? When Christmas first began, Santa needed a reliable companion to pull his sleigh. As he looked around the north pole he spotted penguins, polar bears, and even seals! But, there was one animal that stuck out to him the most, a Reindeer. They weren’t as big as a polar bear (so they do not make noise on roofs), they were stronger than a penguin (to pull the sleigh), and they were faster than a seal! After recruiting the Reindeer to pull his sleigh, they obtain magical powers from Christmas magic! Because of this Christmas magic, they were able to fly super-fast speeds, faster than any plane has ever gone. They obtained a magical hoof that makes people unable to hear them as they land on your roof. Finally, they obtain the power to only be seen when they want to, this way they don’t get caught as they fly through the sky!

This magical power that Reindeer have isn’t an everlasting effect, however. It is controlled by Christmas spirit. The more people that have true faith in Santa and Christmas the more powerful the Reindeer become. So, if you are looking to help Santa tonight on his journey around the globe, believe and have Christmas spirit. Sing carols and give gifts, and most importantly be a good person to everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From the My Biology Experience Family.

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