Whale Sharks

One of the largest organisms in the ocean is the massive whale shark or R. typus. These creatures are beyond any other shark in size, reaching lengths of 33 feet long and a mouth almost reaching the size of a human at 5 feet in length. These amazing sharks are typically located in tropical watersContinue reading “Whale Sharks”


Crabs fall into the category of crustaceans. These creatures of the deep can range in sizes from the tip of your finger to the size of your body! Feared and enjoyed by so many, these animals have adapted extremely well for their environment. Crustaceans have a hard exoskeleton. This skeleton is made of the sameContinue reading “Crabs”

Sea Stars

Starfish or sea stars are one of the creatures of the deep, crawling over rocks and sand to get to where they need to be. These creatures sometimes don’t even seem to be alive. With there hundreds of feet under one of their five legs, these creatures are able to to move in any direction.Continue reading “Sea Stars”