Owls: The Smartest Birds?

Owls are known for their large eyes, fluffy feathers, and their incredible sight but, I guarantee there is a lot more you did not know about Owls. The standard Owl is a part of the order Strigiformes, which contains over 200 species of Owls. This order is defined as nocturnal birds that have binocular visionContinue reading “Owls: The Smartest Birds?”

Polar Bears: The Kings Of The North

The Polar bear is represented as a warm loving animal that lives in some of the coldest climates known to this planet. These animals are not warm in loving, however. They are the largest bear species alive standing at heights of almost 10 feet tall. That is the size of a basketball hoop! Not onlyContinue reading “Polar Bears: The Kings Of The North”

Reindeer: How They Power The Sleigh!

On this magical night of Christmas Eve, Santa will flight to every continent, country, and house to deliver presents to the kids on the good list. The question that everyone asks is, how? How does old St. Nick get to every house in one singular night? This is a question that not even some ofContinue reading “Reindeer: How They Power The Sleigh!”