The scorpion is a feared creature by many for its sharp pincers and its long stinging needle on its tail. Scorpions are an arachnid that has 8 legs. Don’t worry, scorpions are not out to get you either. Their prey includes small insects, centipedes, and spiders. Unlike spiders, scorpions do not lay eggs and areContinue reading “Scorpion”

Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and we are extremely thankful for everyone who gives support to My Biology Experience. Turkey is native to North America and has two extant species, the wild turkey of east and central North America and the ocellated turkey of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Turkey is one of the largest birds thatContinue reading “Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving”


The Moose or sometimes known as Elk is the largest extant group of the Deer family. Weighing up to 1,500 pounds or 680 Kg and reaching heights of up to 7-8 feet these giants of the forest are extremely intimidating. With their huge antlers spanning widths of 6 feet wide and running up to 35Continue reading “Moose”