This Material Is 454x More Expensive Than Diamond

Believe it or not, Diamond is not the most expensive useable material found on Earth. Synthesized in 1950 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Californium is considered the most expensive material known to mankind. Created by the bombarding of curium with alpha particles, Californium is a highly radioactive material that is often not found in biologicalContinue reading “This Material Is 454x More Expensive Than Diamond”


The Carnation is a widely popular flower throughout the world for its beauty and arrangement of color. The Carnation otherwise known as Dianthus caryophyllus, is thought to be from the Mediterranean but it is not known due to its extreme cultivation by humans over 2,000 years. The Carnation is very similar to other flowers andContinue reading “Carnation”


from the continent of South America, these organisms have spread north as far as Oklahoma. These creatures often reside in places that the soil is not difficult to dig so that it can create its burrow for protection from danger. The armadillo is a master of defense. Their hard shell that looks as if theyContinue reading “Armadillo”