#31 Thanksgiving Break: Academic and Personal Update

It has been a very long and difficult semester but, Thanksgiving break is finally here! Thanksgiving break for students is like the calm before the storm. After a few months of hectic studying and perfecting assignments, you finally get a chance to go home with your family for about half a week and enjoy yourself. However, when you come back it is the worst part of the entire semester, finals. December is the month in which you begin to wrap up your class material and begin to write your final papers and study for your final tests. Right before Thanksgiving break is very similar. Many professors try to cram in tests and material so that you don’t have work over the break. This post will summarize where I am at in the semester and how I am feeling academically and personally.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

It is currently Wednesday, November 17, 2021, and for the last four or five days, I have been finishing and cramming all my work and studies. For my main two courses (Human Physiology & Biochemistry), I have already had two exams per class, all of which I have proudly got A’s on. This week before Thanksgiving break, I have my third and final exam for both of these classes before the final exam. The human Physiology exam is mostly on the circulatory system, heart, blood, and neuron pathways. I have this test on Friday of this week and feel extremely confident about it. The test I am somewhat scared of is Biochemistry. This test is on 4 chapters and we have only done about 2 of them. This is leaving me in a situation where I am teaching myself a lot of information while trying to study for Human Physiology and do work for my other 2 classes. I plan on doing most of the work on Friday after my test and over the weekend. I am somewhat scared but am staying confident that I will do well.

In general, this semester has been going well for me and I am very happy. My personal and formal relationships with my friends, family and professors have been really enjoyable. I am currently looking into graduate schools and finalizing my classes for my last semester of Junior year and Senior year to graduate. Overall, I cannot complain and am just happy to be in school with my friends doing well.
Comment below what you are doing for Thanksgiving and if you are a student feeling stress before the break.


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