Toucan: What Is With The Beaks?

The Toucan is one of the most interesting and beautiful creatures to look at, with its long colorful beak and seemingly undersized body. This creature can be found in south and central America in tropical rainforests. They are located in the canopy layer of the rainforest, which is the second-highest layer. In this layer, you can find monkeys, frogs, lizards, snakes, sloths, and even small cats. As majestic as the Toucan might be, it lives a life of avoiding danger at every turn. They are hunted by Hawks, Jaguars, and many other birds like Eagles.

So, why do Toucans have such a massive bill? Evolutionist state that the size of the bill may not be advantageous to finding prey or avoiding being eaten. Instead, they insist that the reason for their bills being so large is that Toucans with larger bills are more likely to find a mate and reproduce. So, after hundreds and even thousands of years of reproducing with the larges bill, this family Genus of birds has developed an unusually large beak. We can only suspect that if these reproductive behaviors continue that the beak will grow larger. This is the same reason that their beaks are so colorful. It is thought that a more colorful beak will help attract a mate.