Otters: The Animals That Hold Hands

Otters are one of the most loved animals in the entire world. Their cute features and playful manner always has people picking them as their favorite animal. Otters are mammals in the family of Mustelidae. This means that they are related to badgers, ferrets, wolverines, and about 63 other kinds of subfamilies. They are carnivorousContinue reading “Otters: The Animals That Hold Hands”

Tay-Sachs disease

Tay Sachs Disease is a rare genetic disease in which the absence of a key protein results in the build-up of fatty substances. These fatty substances called gangliosides will become toxic in the body ultimately resulting in death around five years of age. This disease is not curable due to it being a result ofContinue reading “Tay-Sachs disease”

Seals: Cute Yet Vicious

Seals, otherwise known as Pinnipeds, are marine mammals that are commonly located on coastlines and cold waters. They can mainly be found in the Arctic and Antarctic waters but, some species can survive in warm waters such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean Monk seals. Other than being admired for their looks and movements, Seals areContinue reading “Seals: Cute Yet Vicious”